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Foals 2004, 2005, and 2006

Silky and Mocachino, born March 25, 2004 he is out of Recuardo.

IzzaBelle and Jessie (side by side) born June 23, 2004, out of Highlands Thunder. The molly following is Dasiey Born May 5, 2004, out of Pistola and Highlands Thunder.

Johnny born April 11, 2004, out of Oo la la Gi Gi and Highlands Thunder

Bubba and Joe Joe. Bubba was born April 8, 2004 be is out of JezaBelle and Hinglands Thunder. Joe Joe was born April 16, 2004, he is out of Mia and Highlands Thunder.

Oo la laGi Gi and Kachina, she was born March 14, 2005 out of CuriOso.

Prima and Pazzi, she was born April 2, 2005 out of CuriOso.

MuneQuita and Quincy, he was born April 4, 2005 out of CuriOso.

Pistola and *Mika, she was born May 4, 2005 out of Recuardo.

Mia and Four Socks, he was born May 16, 2005 out of CuriOso.

IzzaBelle and Gai,  he was born May 23, 2005 out of CuriOso.

tito being the one with the halter.
*Tito Recuardo, he was born June 28, 2005 out of CuriOso and Jezabelle.

Silky and Silkies' Sadie, she was born June 4, 2005 out of Recuardo.

Ginger and Rasta, he was born June 6, 2005 out of Recuardo.

Luna and Kin Colin "K.C." was born on Dec. 28, 2005 he is out of Cream de la Cream.

Mia and Lil' John, born April 24, 2006 he is out of Highlands Thunder.

Willowmeana and Patna, born March 12, 2006 he is out of  Ricki.

Pistola and Lola's' Lucy, born April 27, 2006 she is out of  Vinnie.

MuneQuita and Piqua, she was born April 12, 2006, out of CuriOso.

Oo la la Gi Gi and Georgia, she was born May 18, 2006, out of Ricki.

*Beatrice and *Silver, he was born May 26, 2006 out of Cream de la Cream.

Ginger and Mouse, he was born June 13, 2006, out of Recuardo.

Izabelle and Shermen, He was born Aug. 10 2006 out of Highlands Thunder.

Jezabelle and Babbet, she was born Aug.10 2006 out  of Highlands Thunder.

Penny and Oliver, he was born Aug. 31, 2006 out of Highlands Thunder.

Kay Dee and Victorious Vincent "V.V.", he was born Sept. 12, 2006 out of Vinny.

Juanita and Jr. Vincent "J,V.".  he was born Oct.1,2006 out of Vinny.

Silkie and Tia. She was born Oct. 7, 2006 out of Highlands Thunder. Such a sweetie and very smart.